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Re: EM1 and Canon EF lens via adaptor any good?

Originally Posted by Bikie John View Post
I don't have any experience of this, but I'm pretty sure we have a few people here who do use Canon lenses on an E-M1. I don't know anything about adapters that provide full control, but another possibility might be the Metabones adapters. As I understand it, they contain optical elements and will take a 35mm full frame format lens and act as a reverse teleconverter - so for example a 200mm f/4 full-frame lens would become 100mm, which gives an angle of view on 4/3 equivalent to 200mm on full frame. It would also give you two extra stops so you would have a 100mm f/2, which could be rather nice. Of course, this may not be what you want if you are looking for extra length.

Thanks John

I appreciate the comments. The Metabones adaptors do the opposite of what I want so not the solution to my problem I am afraid.

The adaptors I have been looking at have no glass so no risk of loss of IQ. They simply provide an EF mount at the lens end and a M4/3 mount at the camera end. They also have electrical connectors enabling the EM1 body to communicate fully with the Canon lens. Sounds ideal - but do they work in practice? I suppose I could buy one from Amazon and if it does not work return it for a refund!
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