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Re: Ads on the E-Group

Originally Posted by HughofBardfield View Post
I have no problem at all with them having ads on the front pages etc, although a far better ad for Olympus would be for them to make more active input into the threads on this site - ie responding to some of the comments and suggestions.It's great that they support/ provide the means to run the forum, but they could make much more active and effective use of it. Unfortunately very few large companies have yet grasped how to make effective use of social networking and new media.
I second this post totally - Oly's missing a trick - we are all proven customers interested in their product range and likely to upgrade with Oly in the future. In the old days shopkeepers used to build up a relationship with their core customer base - it's simple retail psychology.

Unless of course Oly(UK) don't have the freedom to creatively develop their own market in any way other than according to strict top down corporate Burger King regulations?

Sometimes Oly does feel like the elephant in the room rather than the key player it should be (IMHO)
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