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Re: EX-25 cannot be used in multiples

Originally Posted by David M View Post
Thanks Bill, I think that's what I remember.

Alf, I think the OM mounts.are a way to connect the extension tubes together. There's plenty out there with the OM system being so popular for macro work.
I remember there was someone else on, what was before admin moved to Australia, the US 4/3s forum who made what he called an EX-40, which also bypassed the contacts, but I don't recall the details.

It's not just about extension tubes of course, telescopic or otherwise, it also enables bellows with a 4/3s lens.
The other thing I'd thought of at the time, was to add a shorting switch to the EX25's ribbon cable, to bypass the electronics completely so it could be used at the same time as a teleconverter.

This was one of Jens' original posts;
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