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Re: Are you happy with your E-M1?

In general I have been very happy with mine, and am pushing 100,000 clicks with it. True, I have had my problems with the EVF (sun spots) but after the third replacement I took maters into my own hands and made an IR blocking filter for the eyepiece.
I know, it looks like crap, but it has solved the problem and I have been 1 1/2 years now with no problems whatsoever with the EVF and I take no extra precautions to protect it. Otherwise, no problems and the Oly service has been excellent!
I do mostly birds now with a Canon 400/5.6 mounted via a Metabones adapter. I used the Oly/Canon combination before with all MF and wide open, and it is brilliant even like that, but the Metabones has been a game changer! Still only S-AF, and not blazing fast, though plenty fast enough in good light, and VERY accurate.
BiF has always been a problem because of the EVF and the long lens, but I solved that with a home made action finder sight.
Another game changer that has made BiF really fun! I set it to 10 FpS, all 37 AF points active, Release Priority off, and when I see something coming, I point and shoot using the sight. Easy, and unless there is something in the background to steal the focus, it is quite accurate most of the time.
And 10 FPS with super IS really comes in handy...
More samples with explanations here:

So yes, I have been really quite happy with the E-M1, but..... if the E-M1 II can really so what they say it can, I will most certainly get one to have 1, better AF, 2, a better EVF (HOPEFULLY with a built in IR blocking filter... would be SO easy to do...) and 3, better noise management (they promise 1 full stop better!!) and better DR.

Fingers crossed...
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