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Re: Upgrade from E 420?

Hi there!

I would also add that the E-5 is commanding more money second hand at the moment than an E-M1 and a lens adapter for 4/3 lenses. I moved from an E-410 to an E-510 to an E-30 before buying my E-M1, and there is definately an improvement in dynamic range with the 12Mp sensor, but as has been said the E-30 is a far larger camera. I haven't tried an E-620 but it does share the same sensor in a smaller body, so it should be a step up from the E-420.

The difference in image quality between the E-30 and the E-M1 was a massive shock though - I was invited to an olympus event at Giffords Circus, to which I took my brand new (to me) that day E-M1 and my E-30 and I barely had one useable shot from the E-30, whereas the E-M1 was brilliant in the low light.

If you can stretch to it an E-M1 will be a great camera for many years to come, is the same size pretty much as your E-420 and will work well with your 4/3 lenses for now and will let you upgrade to some of the fabulous new lenses that olympus are now releasing (but I am still mostly using my 4/3 lenses still - they really work!)


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