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Re: Olympus 300mm F4 Pro Lens

Originally Posted by MargaretR View Post
So having just had the email from Olympus about this lens, that starts off "With the new telemacro lens from Olympus...."

I'm being a bit thick, I know, but how can a 600mm equiv lens possibly be a 'macro' anything? Surely this is one whose whole purpose is being far away from your subject and bringing it (a lot) closer? Or what am I not understanding about the terminology? The email certainly doesn't make it clear what they mean.
The answer lies within the review linked to below:

Originally Posted by Olybirder View Post
I am not sure if this review has already been posted here (apologies if it has) but they are extremely impressed with the 300mm f4.

In the review there is a section called Macro and it goes on to say:

Though the Olympus 300mm /4 Pro is not designed for true macro photography, it has an impressively close minimum focusing distance. In fact, the Olympus 300mm's 1.4m minimum focus distance (approximately 1.15m from the front of the lens) far exceeds the image magnification and close-focusing capabilities of its 600mm DSLR competitors. With a 0.48x magnification factor, the Olympus 300mm is quite good at macro-style close-up photographer -- "telemacro photography," as Olympus puts it -- which far outweighs the 0.14x-0.15x magnification factor of other 600mm lenses, such as the Canon and Nikon 600mm telephoto lenses.

Adding the 1.4x teleconverter, you can further enhance the macro shooting capabilities, boosting the magnification ratio to 0.67x without affecting the close-focusing distance.

I've seen some excellent macro-type shots from the Panasonic 100-300mm lens so it is certainly another string to this lens' bow, so to speak.
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