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Re: Business Economics

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
Nigel - this is not a new feature - it has been around since the introduction of of PAYG Sim cards. It enables reuse of telephone numbers.

I would expect that the folder/packaging that the SIM card was shipped in either had the T&Cs for the Sim card or a URL that explains the T&Cs.
I was never given any T&C's, and did not sign any.

However, I don't really care what the T&C's say. Vodafone cannot change English law, even if they managed to avoid paying UK tax under a previous administration.

A business cannot simply close a customers account without their knowledge and steal their money. That is theft in my view, whatever their T's & C's say.

I accept that there are some dormant accounts with a few pounds in which need to be recycled (having sent at least two text messages to the customer), but to close an active account, to take 70 without warning, to claim that they have no way of knowing what the credit was (which is tantamount to false accounting), and to refuse to refund the balance is downright criminal in my view.

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