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Re: Business Economics

Originally Posted by KeithL View Post
Now that's really interesting, Otto; my old Panasonic behaves as though the TV tuner has died. I'll look it up.
Apologies for the delay KeithL, I've been away a few days.

Mine is a DMR-EX75. If you type "DMR-EX75 tv tuner" into Google it auto-completes with several answers that include the words "fault" or "problem"!

There's even a couple of YouTube videos which show you how to fix the problem, I don't know if they'd be applicable to your model but it was apparent to me when I examined the capacitors that all was not well - they were showing signs of swelling and leakage. The vid only mentions two but I found a third that had blown so changed that as well, and in all cases used replacements with a higher voltage rating to (hopefully) reduce a reoccurrence of the fault.

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