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Re: Business Economics

We have two Panasonic HDD/DVD players, and an ancient but excellent Panasonic TV with a 26" tube! All have given very good service. Unfortunately the older of the two HDD/DVD players has an analogue tuner, (it must be 15 years old by now), so we can only use it to play DVD's and the programmes that were on the HDD when analogue transmission was switched off.

(You might get a feel for my enthusiasm for television here - not!)

However all manufacturers these days seem to rely on brand loyalty, as none of them build products of the quality or longevity that they once did. The problem is, if you rule out Panasonic what would else you buy, as all of the other manufacturers seem to be much of a muchness to me.

Sony do still seem to build good products, but their customer service is appalling. I have found Toshiba's after sales service to be excellent for laptops, with real human beings answering the phone right here in the UK, but I don't know how good their TV and video support is.

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