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More thumbs up for V3 firmware

Work is getting in way of using camera as much as I would like but after two events with E-M1 with latest firmware I am pretty impressed. Lenses were original 14-54 and 50-200.

Prior to going to events I did some tests at home and was nice to find that focus was acquired quickly and it did not continue to try and focus after shutter was released. One slight quirk is that if you move single focus point between far and near point it never refocus's until you release shutter and retry. Not a problem but just need to remember to release shutter if focus not obtained quickly.

Most of my trials bike shots are taken with the 14-54 and fill in flash set to auto rather than ttl ( auto significantly reduces shutter delay with C-AF). Where as I used to use single point and C-AF early release=on I found 9x9 and C-AF early release off was working really well. 9x9 grabs focus nice and quick and holds it. C-AF set to with off or low. For fun I tried face detection as others have said it worked.... it was quickly switched off again after no white boxes appeared.

There were a few occasions where shutter did not release because of lack of focus. Most of those were due to me not panning very well.

Now the more impressive bit. The 50-200 had sat on shelf since acquiring E-M1 simply as it was so slow to get focus. This was not because of lens being slow but rather C-AF struggled to decide on a focus point. With V3 it acquires focus pretty quickly and maintains focus for a burst ( low and hi ). Again this was done with Early release off. yes there are the expected pauses but very useable. I was also able to track motion and fire shutter at point of interest with no real delay.

Yesterday I went back to single focus point on riders face for bikes coming up a shady gulley. This was ideal for high speed as face was going quickly in and out of shade. Lens track pretty well at high speed and I got a good percentage of keepers.

Just need to get down the local Kart track with the big lens and see how it does with a really fast moving subject

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