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Re: Amazing woodpeckers capture

Originally Posted by katran View Post
I know woodpeckers are rare in UK and imagine how dificult is to spot it and to make photos with it.

In Bucharest parks (Romania) woodpeckers are common. And it's not only one species, we have 5. It's still not easy to make good photos, but we have more ocasions to do.

I heard some people from UK coming in Bucharest to make photos with woodpeckers.

Wish you succes in find it and wish you to make good pictures !
This is what we usually see here! (Done as a composite of three images)

Bottom right is SO typical of woodpeckers! As I tried to take more shots of him, he moved around the tree (as squirrels do) and then peeped out at me.
Somewhere I have some shots of a green woodpecker digging in a salt water marsh. I'll try to find them, and post.

I love your Christmas card! Merry Christmas to you too.
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