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Re: Amazing woodpeckers capture

Originally Posted by katran View Post
Thank you, KeithL.

It is only the feeling I was at the same level with the nest.

Actually the nest was at 4m height in the tree. My camera was on a tripod at 1.5m. So it was a 2.5m difference.

To compensate this level difference, I choosed to shoot a bit far away from the tree. I could do this because 70-300mm is a long lens.

If I would choose to stay exactly under the nest, then you could feel this 2.5m difference.
Thanks, katran. When I've seen spotted woodpeckers in the UK, they have always been high up a tree - annoyingly. I have a shot with my Canon 50D and a 500mm Sigma of one that was about 18m up a tree, and when he saw me, he climbed around the tree so that I had to be very quick indeed to photograph him, and no tripod!

I have seen them near the ground, but always when my camera is not with when I was driving on a country road in Sweden.....

BTW 300 on the Oly = 400 on the Canon. I have a 1.4x converter and a 100-400L series now for my Canon (=900mm); difficult to hand hold and get a reasonably sharp shot though.
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