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EP2 & EM1 User

I have owned and EP2 for about three years and an EM1 for six months. I have had various frustrations with both. I find the menu system on the EP2 a nightmare and the EM1 is just back after a warranty repair, with a new rear dial and rewired RC flash. (All my resets wiped!).

I like the results but the cameras seem designed to make it difficult to get them.

When it is working, the EM1 is far more ergonomic than the EP2. Even so, there is a lot of evidence (user experience) around to suggest that system hardware quality control is poor. The rear dial on the EP2 is now giving trouble.

I have some AF lenses: Lumix 7-14, Olympus 14-42 (recently scratched the rear element), 4/3 35mm macro and 4/3 70-300 ED. The AF on the 4/3 is a disaster with the EP2 but quite good on the EM1.

Otherwise, I use mostly legacy manual focus film lenses for macro.

If you want to see my images do a Google image search for my name or e6filmuser and "macro". NB, some images by other authors will be included if I made a comment.
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