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"Built-in obsolescence", I believe, became a "term" used by Customers and Distribution Channels supplying Hi Tech Items

I recall back in the 80's (1980's) buying Sony Walkmans for ski holidays - used as iPods and iphones are today to "play music to listen to during leisure pursuits".

Way back then, Sony one Japanese Giant of Music and Entertainment were shipping out to Distribution Channels a new model, every month or two ...

Each model superseded the previous and many competitors products - meaning a rush of GAS for the new model.

I have two yellow Sony Walkman Sports, one cassette only and other with FM radio

Occasionally they come into their own, along with the Sony CD player (the size of a tea plate - friends going to chemo find they can "listed to a book tape or CD or radio without disturbing those sitting around them in the treatment room.

Nick and I have a small collection of Olympus compact cameras ... about 6 CZ models these come in handy for the children on outings to learn photography and Digital is superb as the "visual image" is instant !

Do you have a collection or two, of built in obsolescence items ? and are they used ? and how ?
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