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Gimbal head and 700 mm FL

The past weekend I put my newly acquired Lensmaster gimbal tripod head to the test. Took the car and headed for an area known for its healthy population of birds of prey. I did not come home disappointed, 50+ observations including some Golden Eagles, unfortunately at long range.

I was very pleased with the operation of the head, provinding steady support yet very flexible and well balanced, allowing to track the birds in flight with ease. Next I ventured into extending the Bigma with the EC14 and operating a 700 mm lens worked fine too, albeit with some difficulties for the AF to lock. The pictures taken using this lens combo suffer from some softness but still I believe the results are above expectations.

Feedback welcome,

#1, Common Buzzard, 50 meters distance, F10, 1/1250s

#2 Common Kestrel, 25 meters, F10, 1/1250s

#3 Red Kite, 25 meters, F10, 1/500s

#4 Rough-legged Buzzard, 50+ meters, F10, 1/1250s

For reference I took a few pictures in my garden on still and cooperative subjects.

#5 Tree finch (without EC14) F8, 1/125s

#6 Blue tit, F10, 1/250s

PS I also tried with the EC20 but the AF would not lock at all.
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