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Re: Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Not sure this is correct - any item sold (especially by a business - does the vendor have a 'shop' on eBay?) must meet the description as advertised and autofocus is fundamental to the operation of the camera.

I see where you're coming from but as I see it, it must match the description but doesn't have to work unless it IS from a business seller! That part is reserved for new items. See below - seems daft I know!

If the seller is just Joe Bloggs he's not covered by the Sale and Supply of Goods and Services Act as far as an automatic refund/replacement goes, but he is covered by general contract law, apart from any ebay rules that apply to him.

"Your consumer rights

When you buy an item from a trader (eg a shop or online shop) the law says the item must be:

of satisfactory quality – last for the time you would expect it to and be free of any defects
fit for purpose – fit for the use described and any specific use you made clear to the trader
as described – match the description on packaging or what the trader told you
If an item doesn’t meet any of these rights, it is faulty and you will usually have the right to a:

These rights apply to most items you buy from a shop, including sale items. You may have additional rights to these if you have a warranty (see link below).

If the trader makes a fault known to you and you buy the item, you can’t return it unless you discover a different fault.

You have fewer rights if you buy your item from a private seller, eg in an online auction or from a newspaper advert. The items only have to match the description given by the seller and be theirs to sell."

Strange but true???

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