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Re: 100 Word Story

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
To lighten the mood up in The Lounge, how about writing a story of exactly 100 words?

I was asked to do it some years ago and it was quite fun. Here's one of my contributions:

The miner lay trapped in the small void left following the tunnelís collapse. In the coal seam above him, he observed in the light of the candle, the perfect fossil of a huge dragonfly. The candle flame flickered, causing a thousand twinkling lights to be reflected from the coal, so that it seemed that the dragonfly was alive and flying in a starlit sky.
A sifting of dust signalled the imminent total collapse of the chamber, and at the final instant he threw his arms wide, so that he too would be flying with the dragonfly in that eternal night.

That's very good. There's obviously more to your varied talents than meets the eye

Interesting suggestion for a Lounge thread too !

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