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Old 14th October 2010
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Re: lens information needed

OK I'm making a different assumption here.
Are you trying to use some of the cheapo manual extension tubes off ebay and want to use a 4/3 lens stopped down for more depth of field?

If so, then I think you will be struggling, looking at your public profile which shows you as having an E-5xx which I don't think has a DOF preview button.

With my E-1 and E-3, the following works.

Select A priority
Select preferred aperture
Press DOF button to stop the lens down
Press lens release button (whilst still holding down DOF button)
Release DOF button (whilst still holding down lens release button)
Turn off camera (whilst still holding down lens release button)
Remove lens

It will say stopped down until it receives power again.

You could just press DOF and remove the lens, but it's probably not good practice.
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