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Re: Sensor Cleaning

Originally Posted by blu-by-u View Post
Sorry to dig an old thread,

The initial mention is methanol, that's one volatile stuff that I remember is used in my days of RC planes as fuel. what about ethanol? Is this similar to Isopropyl Alcohol?
Ethanol and Isopropyl Alcohol (better called propan-2-ol) are both simple alcohols. Ethanol has 2 carbon atoms and propan-2-ol has three (with the OH group on the middle carbon, hence the number 2).

Ethanol has a slightly lower boiling point than propan-2-ol so it's a bit more volatile, which is good for cleaning. However, the challenge will be finding a pure source of ethanol. In the UK, ethanol is usually sold as methylated spirits where it's polluted with methanol, purple dye and probably a host of other stuff. You can buy "alcool ą brūler" in France by the bucketload, but whilst that free of the purple dye, it's still got methanol in it and a host of other muck - it's designed for use in stoves etc.

Honestly, I'd just buy a bottle of Aeroclipse - it's not expensive and it will last you years.
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