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Re: Age-Related Difficulties

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
...being assertive with the Nazi manning the phone usually results in sense being seen.
Some years ago when our son was four or five years old he came down with a nasty bout of Norovirus. We all caught it and got over it within a couple of days but for some reason our son didn't and seemed to be weakening to the point that we were becoming worried.

I phoned the surgery to request a home visit (thereby avoiding our son straying too far from the lavatory) but this was refused on the grounds that only the elderly were entitled to home visits and that this was only possible 'in life or death situations'. I was then offered an appointment the next week which was clearly unacceptable so I told the Stazi Gatekeeper that we would come along in a few minutes when they would see us.

I drove to short distance to the surgery and walked in with my son over my shoulder like something you might see in a third-world country (he was too weak to walk) whereupon I was shown straight through to one of the senior partners! He was genuinely concerned about our son's condition and diagnosed dehydration. We were given some rehydration salts and medicine to help deal with the stomach problem and given instructions to go straight to A&E if the condition worsened or did not improve within the day. The GP even phoned that evening to make sure that everything was OK so I suspect the Satzi Gatekeeper might have been 'offered training'.

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