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Re: Just a few shots with the 5 Mark II

Originally Posted by iso View Post
The above cannot be an A40, but like the shot. I had an English A40 it was a bit 'estate car like'. Saw me through some fearsome bumper car rides when the A40 (road) morphed into the M4
Sorry.. it is. like many manufacturers at the time they had a basic design that they would put out in as many variants as they thought they would sell (manual assembly being more flexible than 1980's production lines [oddly thats coming back with more intelligent robots])

from wikipedia here's a list of the variants
  • 194750 Austin A40 Dorset 2-door saloon
  • 194752 Austin A40 Devon 4-door saloon
  • 194756 Austin A40 Countryman 2-door estate car
  • 194756 Austin A40 Van 2-door panel van
  • 194756 Austin A40 Pick-up 2-door pick-up truck
  • 19485? Austin A40 Tourer 2-door, four passenger tourer built in Australia [1]
  • 19??19?? Austin A40 Coupe Utility 2-door coupe utility, produced in Australia [2]
  • 195053 Austin A40 Sports 2-door, four passenger convertible with twin-carburettors and aluminium bodyshell
  • 195254 Austin A40 Somerset 4-door saloon and 2-door convertible
  • 195456 Austin A40 Cambridge 4-door saloon
  • 195867 Austin A40 Farina 2-door saloon and 2-door hatchback
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