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Re: EM1 and Canon EF lens via adaptor any good?

Originally Posted by KennyC View Post
Mine is the so-called updated version of the Commute though nobody knows what updated actually means. All I wanted from the Commute was single auto focus and control of the lens aperture. I think you are probably wasting your money. At least there are published literature for the Metabones adapters showing which Canon lenses they work with and how effectively they work. Commlite in a fairly undocumented entity and unlike the Metabones ithasno facility for updating the firmware. Metabones seemtohave an ongoing program of development and firmware updates.

You should get a job selling for Metabones.

I appreciate the advice but as stated in my previous post there is no way I am going to be spending that sort of money on something I might use 2 or 3 times a year..
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