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Re: Panasonic 100-400

I think if you shot side by side and looked at 100% you would find the Oly has better micro-contrast and therefore better apparent sharpness, I'm pretty confident of this.

However, for me m43 is about being good enough, not the best but better than I need and the 100-400 meets that ethos perfectly. Is it as sharp as the Oly? no, but it takes lovely looking images (you could argue the bokeh is better than the Oly) and is smaller and more versatile as a zoom which is what I want from the system.

Here's an example (go to Flickr and zoom in):
Allotment-4290063 by Ned Awty, on Flickr

Is it critically super-duper sharp at 100%? no. Is it sharp enough for me? absolutely (and I didn't apply any sharpening except for default import/export). As a side note, that was a handheld grab shot at 800mm FFE at 1/250, it is a very easy lens to use.
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