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Re: This was predictable

I had a problem with it using the EM-1 and the 75-300 shooting deer in Richmond Park last year. In hindsight I should have upped the ISO and used a faster shutter speed but didn't think I would have a problem when using a tripod. The deer had a slight halo effect, it was very noticeable. That said I used the anti-shock setting the next time and since last year I have purchased the 50-200, updated the software and have had no further problems. Images from my last visit were perfectly sharp.

However I upgraded to the latest software just before going to Boston last week....could I find my super panel? Could I heck....then when I finally got it up I found that it was no longer touch responsive! I could only change settings using the screen when I switch the screen off in picture taking mode. I have NO idea why it has all changed but I am going to have to do some reading up on it to get it back to how it was...if I can!

Moral of the story? NEVER update right before going on holiday!
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