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Re: Currys whatever happens hell!

I agree with John (MusicMan) that things like this do have a place. - yes each post of a new issue will be specific and yes people should take things up with customer service first, but the information does help all of us get a bigger picture of a supplier

For a supplier that's being criticised its not so good, but then threads on this forum have led me to a supplier that I've used so that is good for them.

Re the supplier in question - I did by my E-500 from them and yes I've been happy as it was an excellent price at the time. However since I've been sent about 4 letters about extended warranty that I did not take out as I'd read very good things about Olympus support and warranties and it did not seem good value to me and to date that's been right as none of my Kit has gone wrong. If I had paid for all the unused warranties that I've been offered over the years then it would probably add up to more than all my photo kit put together. Insurance is just like betting - overall you need to weigh up the odds and make your own decision.

Also on ANY suppliers extended warranties I tend to take a look at the small print - the exclusions are often the ones I would most consider likely. e.g. from the supplier in questions website tonight

You get...

Breakdown caused by mishaps
but in exclusions ...
Damage or breakdown due to flood, wind or other severe weather conditions
For all products under 130 (excluding PC monitors, PCs, laptops, large domestic appliances, Sky and projectors) you will not be
protected for breakdown caused by mishaps.
This all adds up to a potential future argument to me on what was a mishap and whether it was weather related and how many people don't realise there is a 130 limit.

This isn't a dig at the one supplier they are all "as bad" on this one. I suggest like many other things that anything that sounds too good mught be and you need to look for the lead lining in the silver cloud.

But then I am a cynic

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