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Re: What's your earliest picture

Originally Posted by bobs View Post
i would love to share my pictures taken with a kodak brownie box camera in 1939 but unfortunately they haven't survived the test of time (or the war, 1939-1945). Shame.

Great idea and i'm looking forward to seeing all other offerings in this thread and will try and find a few of my oldies.

I found these that I took in 1949 with a folding Balda or some such camera and scanned them:-

Spitfire taken through the dirty window of a Lancaster bomber
Spitfire from Lancaster.jpg

Aerial mast from underneath in Malta
Aerial mast in Malta.jpg

My transport around Malta (please note, you old bikers, no engine that came several years later)
My transport.jpg

Ah, what it was to be young.........

Bob (perhaps someone can please tell me how to upload these so that they appear larger than thumbnails? Thanks.)
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