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Re: Photo Challenges

I've just sent off my votes for the current competition - not an easy choice and many thanks to Gregles for organizing it.

However could I register a request that these monthly competitions are timed to coincide with your real, actual, genuine, kosher month (as decreed by the calendar, the Good Lord, the Man in the Moon, Mother Nature, and the Natural Order of Things)?

I did actually have an idea for this last one, for the first time in a while. I even took the shot it was to be based on some 3 weeks ago.

I even did some practiced on the manipulation in the Gimp I would have had to do on my entry and was beginning to make some progress when I noticed that June no longer ended on 30th but on 22nd!

OK, of course it was my fault for not reading the small print. But this does seem to be a complication and an unitentional trap for the unwary. Surely it wouldn't matter much if one competition was finishing as the next one started?

Or at least please post a warning message when there is, say, a week to go.