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Re: Olympus/Zuiko 70 to 300mm

Originally Posted by steverh View Post
I had a 500mm mirror lens many years ago, and never got one decent picture from it! A few arguments against then...

1. They are generally too long for working hand-held despite being compact and light which tempts you to do it!
2. Fixed aperture (usually f/8 or nothing!)
3. Low contrast - not too sure about this in general but mine was hopeless
4. Doughnut-shaped out of focus highlights (not necessarily a problem, maybe a mater of taste)
5. Using filters is difficult

Eventually I traded mine in for a wide-angle lens!

Also beware 2x converters - even the Oly one. You will lose two full stops of effective aperture. With a 1.4x you only lose one stop.

Thanks Steve, i will bear this in mind when choosing any equipment i buy, but the mirror lens is definitely a no go, to many bad reports to take a chance on maybe getting a good one, not only that i find with my arthritis in my hands manual focusing would be rather tricky for me.
So i am going to stick to what i have been advised to stick to, and not deviate from the plan!.

Best regards Paul
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