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Re: Olympus/Zuiko 70 to 300mm

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You might look out for a Tamron 500mm f8 mirror lens or its smaller sister the Tamron 350mm f5.6 mirror on ebay. These seem to go for 80 to 100. If you get a Tamron Adaptall - 4/3 adapter you can use this and many other nice Tamron lenses...

However I will say you always see these 500mm lenses for sale. There must be a reason - too long to hand hold? doughnut shaped bokeh? People seem to buy them, try them then sell them.

Good luck with your search. Whatever you decide on, don't be tempted to buy a cheap 2x teleconverter. The Olympus EC14 and EC20 are very expensive for a reason


I thank you Pete for your reply to this thread.

I can imaging that the expensive equipment is in general built to a high quality standard, you only get what you pay for.
There is a saying that goes "buy cheap, buy twice", and that goes for almost every product, so i will play the waiting game and get the best i can possibly afford.

Best regards Paul
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