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Re: Olympus/Zuiko 70 to 300mm

Originally Posted by Nick Temple-Fry View Post
Always been a bit confused about extension tubes but

1) I don't think they effectively double the focal length


2) they do reduce the minimum focussing distance - thus making things bigger because they are closer,

I've always understood this comes at the expense of being able to focus at far away objects.

So I'm not sure they will make a usable 'long' lens out of the 70-300.

Come the morning I'm sure Ian or another 'grown up' photographer will clarify, but I wouldn't push one-click ordering till then.

A big thanks for the reply Nick.
Again i checked the write up on Amazon, and it seems you are correct in what you say.
It states that it doubles the magnification, and not the focal length of the lens, how this would effect objects in the distance i am not sure, but as you say the members in the know will eventually give us an answer.

Best regards Paul
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