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Re: So what made you Choose Olympus then?

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
But Is only taken me 18 months from first Oly to a system that Iím happy with (or will be in the new year when I get the last 2 things I want).
Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
What a Silly thing I said back in 2007.
No, I don't think it was silly.

When I first got my E-400 I was delighted with it, it was the best camera on the market for me at the time - and it was streets ahead of similarly priced other brands. I think it still is, and I'm sure current models are - depending on individual needs and money supply. Not everybody wants/needs full frame.

But, what I hadn't bargained with was me, and that what I want to get out of my camera would change and evolve with time, and in the end you can't take some sorts of pictures if your gear won't let you.

That said, one reason I think Olympus outclasses other brands is that the kit lenses are really quite affordable and are also very good - and they don't need IS, because it's in the newer camera bodies.

I can't count the number of times I've watched a thread on a site where somebody's asked "what camera should I buy", and this isn't just photography sites either. No matter how varied their "advice", and no matter how many people mention Olympus/Panasonic/Sony/Pentax etc and tell them to try them all before they part with their cash, almost every single one will end up in a local super-big-shop and then get a CanNikon, because those are the only brands these places stock - and that's when their problems start.

They get the camera home and realise the camera/lens combination they've bought won't do what they want and so they ask what they should do next.

Out roll the same old replies - get this all-singing-all-dancing costs-hundreds-of-pounds lens, which not many people can afford when they've just parted with around £500 or more of their hard-earned, hard-saved, cash to buy a camera body and one zoom lens.

Then, of course, within a couple of weeks they're asking about dust on the sensor!

I don't think I've never had to be defensive about my choice of camera, I've never really had to feel I had to justify how much it cost whilst thinking I might have made a mistake, even though I still wish Oly would offer updates for the E-400!

But, as I said, my demands have changed, and that's why I jumped at the chance of getting an E-30. But, I won't be getting rid of the E-400, and will get a pancake lens for it so I can carry it in my coat pocket. I might even look for one of those fancy little cases for it.
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