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Re: basic video help needed on EM1 Mk II

I'm not a video expert and don't own an E-M1 Mki but I do know a little.

The .mov .avi extensions on video files are confusing as they can contain video compressed with different codecs (compression/decompression algorithms).
Some codecs are supported in hardware on graphics cards and TVs etc. That means a comparatively low spec machine can play back a high quality video stream because it has a dedicated chip.

The camera is recording with a codec that OV3 and VLC support but Windows 10 Player and your TV don't understand or can't uncompress using hardware. That cause them to either not play or play back badly because the system is using the CPU to decode the video not the dedicated chip and it's not fast enough. It's also possible that the network is too slow to get the video file to the TV as it plays.
The bitrate and framerate aren't necessarily the problem, it's the codec and possibly file extension for the TV.

You're going to need transcode your video into something that will cast/stream from your PC.

Handbrake is a free and effective way to transcode video. You will either need to experiment to find the settings and format that work for your situation or find out what files your casting program and TV support.

If you right click on one of your working video files and look at "properties>details" it may give you some clues as to what you need.
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