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Re: basic video help needed on EM1 Mk II

Hi Joseph - thanks for your response

After a bit of experimenting, I have no solutions - but this is what I've found so far. I created some simple clips (Full HD 50P), just panning slowly round my garden. If I play the video clips on the PC (Windows 10) in "Movies & TV" or "Windows Media Player" they play but rather jerkily, which is then even worse if cast to the TV. I eventually tried playing them on Olympus OV3 and found they play OK (well, as OK as my video capabilities). They also play OK in VLC, which someone suggested downloading. I found an option in OV3 (which I'm not at all familiar with) to export as MP4 - but this appear to create corrupted MP4s! I also found out I could connect the camera directly to the TV via HDMI and they played absolutely fine - but this isn't ideal for stored clips.

What I don't understand is why the clips play OK with OV3 or VLC but not using either windows 10 player - same clips, same PC, same hardware. The video settings are the same as I used with the GH4 (Full HD 50P) - but that allowed me to choose the recording format, which was set to AVCHD and not MOV - the files had a .MTS extension. Unless I'm missing something (which is possible) it doesn't seem possible to change the recording format on the EM1 MkII. I've tried changing the bit rate but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

With the GH4 I was able to plug my SD card into a Panasonic PVR, copy the clips to it's hard drive and play on the TV - unfortunately that does not recognise the .MOV files from the Olympus. I can also successfully cast/stream the GH4 videos from PC to TV with no issues - this would be the best solution if I can find a way of doing it successfully, as the (desktop) PC is upstairs (in a messy office) and the clips will be stored on it's hard drive, once the SD card is reused.

It was also suggested that I download some updated video Codecs (K-Lite Codec Pack) which I did - but it made no difference. This gave me another player "Media Player Classic" which also plays the clips OK - but none of the players that seem to play the clips OK give me the option of casting to the TV - or at least, I can't figure out how to.

Sorry if all this sounds a bit complicated - I've become totally confused by it all! If anyone has any suggestions on what could be going wrong, I'd be very grateful!
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