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Re: Battery charging 'in the field'

Originally Posted by Nawty View Post
Thanks for the suggestions, I don't have the car charger. Yet.

Not that it would necessarily solve my problem, if I even have a problem...

Like I said, my main fear of the OMDs (or CSCs in general) is that I'll run out of juice when I'm on one of my remote holidays - Kilimanjaro or safari for example. With those trips I knew 4 full batteries in my DSLR would last longer than I could possibly need.

I wonder how many I would need for my EM10 (or planned EM1)?

The power monkey looks good if a bit too bulky - I'll see if I can find anything smaller
I find that, on photography-intensive trips, my EP-2 or EM-1 use about 1.5 charged batteries a day. I don't use AF and turn the camera off when subjects are not readily available. I suggest that you allow one per day.

Some chargers, such as the Olympus BCN-1, can detect whether the mains voltage is 110 0or 230 V and set itself accordingly.

For AAs, for flash, I recommend a 'smart' charger and have found the Tronic KH980 excellent. I takes AAA, AA, C, D and 9V.

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