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Re: Woodpecker beauty

Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.
And yes, the male was clever enough to drop some weight, befor taking off. If you search trough my gallery you will find an other pic of that "dropping sequence"

Mark, it is interesting you said that, because a Greater Spotted Woodpecker is such an every days sight (if I want too, at least), being the most numerous woodpecker we have, that I would not have thought of the possibility that anybody may find something special about it. But it is certainly the same thing for you as it is for me to see an exotic Aussie birdy, fair enough.
The Green Woodpecker is our second largest, the size of a small dove. It has a very loud and distinctive call, which is more pleasant then the sharp noise the Spotted Woodpecker makes. And colour, well, not much that we have can compete with it, I think. I certainly like the looks a lot.
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