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Re: Cold war, Hot jets

Originally Posted by Phil Angel View Post
Hi Jim,
My uncle used to fly Blackburn buccaneers.
DH made the Gyron Junior (PS43) engines for the Buccaneer. IIRC air was bled off the compressor to flow over the wings to provide better low speed handling of the A/C.

The burners were interesting. Instead of high pressure fuel being provided to a spray nozzle, a low pressure 'spill burner' system was used, similar to that used on the Ghost 50 in the Comet 1s. Each burner was like a shallow cup where fuel was injected at one side, swirled around to the other where it left to return to the fuel controller. Fuel was metered to the combustion chamber by restricting the return of the fuel, so it 'backed up' and spilled out of the injector. I did a course on the system <mumble, mumble> years ago, but I can't remember much more! I don't know if a similar system is used on gas turbines nowadays.

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