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I think the original post hit the nail on the head here. It's about new users who don't already have, or possibly even have knowledge and experience of, a dSLR.

A case in point. My son likes to take photographs. I let him loose with a compact whenever possible. He uses a viewfinder "because that's how Daddy does it". But two interesting things happened recently...

On my desk is my first ever SLR, a Ricoh KR10, purchased in 1981. To a six year old boy, this is an antique! He started taking pictures with it. His face filled with a look of total bemusement when he tried to look at what he had taken! To him, of course it should have a screen to view your images!

The second incident was when he saw a roll of black and white negatives drying in the bathroom. He asked what it was, and explained to him about film, how it was exposed, developed and then made into prints. More bemusement, and this time incredible disbelief that such a process could have ever existed. "No it isn't" were his final words as he walked of to assume the role of a Jedi Master overthrowing the evil Empire.

We may be presently uncomfortable with rear screens to compose, but to a new generation, that is what they have grown up with. Equally, to that same generation, it isn't good until it has been made even smaller, and crammed with technology.
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