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Re: Help please

Hi there Eagle!

I'm not absolutely certain that you have LiveView on the E-400, I thought that that didn't come out until the E-410 (I haven't got a 400, just a 410 and 420) but one way I think you can force the shutter to open if it is going to is by putting it into sensor cleaning mode. This mode raises the mirror and opens the shutter to allow cleaning of the sensor - you can get to it through the menus - it's in spanner 2 and called cleaning mode - the shutter should open showing the sensor (you'll need the lens removed to see it).

If the shutter still doesn't open it could well be that the shutter is faulty. If this is the case it may work out cheaper to by a new body from e-bay (or someone on this forum is selling the superior E-510 body with built in image stabilisation for 110).

Good luck with your camera, if you can get the shutter to open let us know and we'll have another think!


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