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Re: Walking home from the Woods

Hi Amanda, Pete, John, Lyn, Phill, Hec, Alan, Roger, Thank You all for stopping by !

Pete special thanks for the id - well I am blowed, I would never have known THAT about these Ducks

The Wren, well she was well in cover to start and I have to say I was listening to a bird song for about 10 or 15 minutes trying to work out where it was coming from and hoping to see the bird (I am rubbish at bird song id ) but getting better by practice like this ... When I saw it was a Wren well the shutter button just kept going off ... she was hopping about on the first stump then flew onto another ... and so on ... EVENTUALLY I was rewarded when she broke cover - but I never got the beak open singing shot out of cover, so included the two here to share !

I have been meaning to process the 2nd Wren shot in CO6 (as this is ooc and a serious crop) as it may come up better still ! Actually, it will !
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