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Re: iso bracketing, huh?

OK, here's how I explain it.
First ... forget what it's called.
Now imagine we take a RAW photo of a church and some clouds, using Lightroom or whatever we can use sliders to squeeze extra details out of the very dark or very light areas.
If we'd taken the exact same photo using Jpeg the camera would have had to discard that extreme dark or light information to give us the final Jpeg.
ISO-bracketing makes three Jpegs from one exposure, 'pretends' they're different ISO values, and delivers one Jpeg from the middle, one overexposed with extra shadow detail, and one underexposed with almost exactly the same amount of highlight detail as found in the previous RAW file.

(What I'm talking about is if +_1 ev is chosen for the bracket level)

This is a good way of using RAW's exposure leeway without ever having to use RAW.
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