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Re: EXIF problems on E-Group Challenge entries

Originally Posted by ianc View Post
So far all the entries I have received for the 5th E-Group Challenge have been rejected because they have no EXIF data so here are a few pointers for you.

If you are using Photoshop don't use Save for Web what you need to do is resize the image, Image / Image Size and set the pixels to 800 for the longest dimension. Then you need to use save as, File / Save As and remember to save it under a different name to stop you overwriting the original image.

If you are exporting from Lightroom to Photoshop do not tick the minimize meta data button.

If you are using a Mac and have Mail set to include the picture in the message this can also strip the EXIF data. You need to put the picture in a folder and attach the folder to be sure of preserving the EXIF file.

If any other members have any hints please add them to the thread.

Ian C.
I'm pleased this thread has been started as I am hopeful that a fellow Elements 5 user can explain to me/others how to save an image of say 800 on the longest side and approx 200Kb please as the suggestions above don't work.

Regards. Barr1e
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