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Re: This Changes Everything

I can appreciate that the advancements in the Pen range will for some reach a point where they may consider moving over to m4/3 but for others it will not. Everyone has different needs, wants...likes. I read John's comments with interest (thanks John ) and whilst I'm quite enthused about the new Pens (and m4/3rd primes) I'm not about to order one as I recently acquired the still excellent E-PL2.
I'm awaiting developments hoping that there will be a true cross over model that suits my 4/3rds lens collection a little better with Oly's famed built in weather and dust resistance

Not sure about the comment that pens are nothing more than an advanced compact my wife has the excellent Panny LX-3 'advanced compact' (lovely little camera) but I think the Pen system's quality and flexibility certainly lifts it above the advanced compact level.
Here's a couple of images taken with my E-PL2 yesterday which I think would have been difficult to capture with an advanced compact.

Mrs Fox marking her territory (our rear lawn).

Little and large (this shot was massively under exposed by yours truly but it was possible to bring it back to a half usable image).
Regards Huw

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