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Re: This Changes Everything

Originally Posted by Bikie John View Post
Thanks John for your positive and informative report. It looks very tempting, and it's nice to see some fast fixed prime lenses coming out at last.

You ask

I've tried using the Panny GF-1 with the external viewfinder, and find it a royal PITA (ergonomics-wise that is, I make no comment on quality which will improve dramatically anyway). It's fine if you are going to faff about with big lenses, adapters and maybe a tripod - the extra bit is no great hassle and being able to swivel it is a definite plus. But the reason for wanting a small body is for portability. I want a camera that will sit in a handlebar bag or jacket pocket and be ready for action. Having an external viewfinder mounted makes it a very awkward shape, and looks to me as if it is just asking for damage.

I would far rather see a smallish overall increase in dimensions to accomodate the EVF electronics. Panny seem to have been able to pack the innards into smaller and smaller bodies so I'm sure it could be done in a body that would fit nicely into a (biggish) pocket with a pancake lens. And please offer us a weathersealed version, even if it increases size & weight a little bit more.

Ciao ... John
The GF1 EVF is much, much inferior to the Olympys VF-2. It only has 200,000 dots, one seventh of the 1.4 million dots of the VF-2 (and the Panasonics with built-in EVFs). Do try a G-series Panasonic Lumix with a built EVF or the VF-2 on a Pen (or XZ-1) and you will see a huge difference.

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