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Re: My New Novel

Originally Posted by LMGruchy View Post
Book Launch Invite
You are cordially invited to my virtual book launch weekend of 13th January 2012 to 15th January 2012, where I will be launching my full length crime novel set in Essex, “Death in Spigg’s Wood” and my anthology of short stories, “Wargeld & Other Stories”. This is a collection of some of my favourite short stories, including Wargeld, which was Highly Commended in The Yellow Room Competition Spring 2010

During the weekend “Wargeld & Other Stories” will be free to download.

Look forward to seeing you. x Linda

The cover is another photo of mine, which is rather chuffing. I've now decided to have a special folder for book cover potentials. I think I might have cropped this one rather too thin.

I'm also scared that the free anthology won't come up as free on the days. And it's US Pacific Standard time too, not GMT.
Hi Linda,

How do we "attend" the virtual launch? Make sure you remind us on 13th!

Have you considered publishing your book on Blurb? The price is prohibitive for large scale commercial success of large format, hard cover photobooks using premium paper but far more affordable for text only, standard size paperbacks. It could provide another market serving those without a Kindle.

Good luck with this venture, I hope it proves successful and leads to full publication.

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