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Re: Editing Challenge No. 3

I don't believe that I should be dishing out my votes without justifying my thoughts in case you think I've gone barmy. But I'm not a seasoned photo judge and may need to be locked up. So here goes...

A nice subject and a good vantage point but the lighting was not the best and OOC jpeg is dull and not that inspiring... a good project.

Dave (Wornish), attempt 1: I really liked the work done on the building, especially the yellow on the brickwork. The grass let it down for me as it didn't look grassy - the colours were all wrong and there was some clear evidence of cloning on the right. I liked the way the leaves in the tree became more prominent. As I liked work on the the building so much it got my first vote.

OM User, attempt 1, "Daybreak": My attempt at finding a slightly unothodox solution to give it some more interest.

OM User, attempt 2, "Afternoon": My attempt at making it look the way I would like to have seen it as I walked up to it; bright sun bringing out the detail and fluffy clouds. What the OOC jpeg should have been if conditions had been ideal.

KeithL "Gothic": Interesting approach. I would like to have seen some dark clouds to go with the theme.

Mik: Nice detail on the building coming through. Shame you did not persevere with with cloning. The slightly dull look of the OOC jpeg is still making its presence felt in the grass and trees.

Dave (Wornish), attempt 2, "reduced yellow": I likes the yellow in your first attempt so did not think this was an improvement but clearly some people felt otherwise and will like this version.

OM User, attempt 3, "Midday": My attempt at the full on clone thing. Move the tree, get rid of all the people, remove the tall fence that obstructs the view, slightly straighten the ground, brighten the whole thing up, and improve the detail in the far right of the fence.

Timboo, attempt 1: Nice use of the clouds to bring out the theme. Slight crop to remove unwanted detail on the right and some highlighting to the windows. Very nicely done.

Timboo, attempt 2: I enjoyed the extra detail brought by backlighting the fence. Overall, for me, the mono conversion does not add enough to the first attempt to surpass it.

Timboo, attempt 3: A good attempt to just enliven the dull original but I think there was more promise and imagination in the first 2 attempts.

Timboo, attempt 4, "Fog": Nice idea and well executed. Liked it. Got my second vote.

Mark (mj224): Good feel to the building and the trees. I liked the way the light falling on the central part of the building had been done. The sky looked very blue (too blue?) and shame about the clouds at the top.

Dave (Wornish) attempt 3, "lights on": a masterpiece of imagination and execution that I tried and failed to emulate. Got the last of my 3 votes.

Invicta: Nicley cropped and framed. Very good at bringing the picture to life and drawing out some fine colours from the dull original.

Peter (Art Frames): A just superb idea and can't fault the work in bringing the building to life. Not sure this was going through Tim's mind when he pressed the shutter. Almost got one of my votes.
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