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Re: Panasonic 100-400

Originally Posted by Maria View Post
The 100-400 is pretty much my favourite lens. It worked well on the Panasonic GH4 and even better now I have the EM1 MkII and some days, it doesn't leave the camera. For me, the 300mm wouldn't be flexible enough - if I'm out shooting wildlife, sometimes I may be trying to capture a large red deer, the next minute a robin on a branch. Often it's not possible to back up or get nearer, so I need the flexibility of a zoom. With 1.3 metre as it's nearest focus, I often use it for flowers, butterflies, etc too. It's all down to personal choice, of course - but it is certainly an excellent lens.

I generally use lens IS for this lens, though it is suggested to turn it off (possibly turn all IS off) when panning - when you're using very high shutter speeds anyway. If you use the lens IS, the EM1 MkII disables IBIS anyway, so there is no clash - not sure if this is the case for other Olympus cameras.

Lots of examples on my Flickr stream, if you're interested.
Some lovely images on your Flickr stream Maria. I can see me buying this lens at some point.
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