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Re: Focus point indication during playback

Originally Posted by BDennis View Post

My settings similar to yours except I have C-AF sensitivity at -2 after reading an article by Scott Bourne on the Oly US site. Also face detection off, I had it on accidentally at one point!

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I'm surprised you would use -2. This setting means that when the distance changes, it takes just over a second before the camera changes focus.

The advantage of -2 is that the subject can go behind an obstacle for a whole second and the camera will pick it up still in focus when it appears again a second later.

The advantage of +2 is that the camera always instantly tries to keep the subject in focus. The disadvantage is that if it goes behind an obstacle for even a moment the camera will try to reacquire focus.

So you can see why the camera initially defaults to zero, as a compromise (170ms delay). I set mine to +2 and accept the disadvantage, but benefit from it always trying to focus without delay.

Here is the table of timings for each setting. The delay is the time it waits before deciding to reacquire focus. Note that it isn't linear.

Sensitivity ----- Delay in 1/100 of a second ----- Frames at 18fps
+2 ----- 0 ----- 0
+1 ----- 5 ----- 1
0 ----- 17 ----- 3
-1 ----- 67 ----- 12
-2 ----- 117 ----- 21
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