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Talking Re: Flickr for beginners

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
[*]Photo sizes and how well it handles resizing
If you use Lightroom then you can upload directly from the gallery view. The Adobe included plug-in is OK, but Jeffrey Friedl's plug in is way better. It's donationware and you only need pay what you feel is right/reasonable:

Flickr auto-resizes very well and will create a half dozen or so smaller sizes from one full size upload.

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
[*]Protection from download (I know there are many ways around that, but to turn off the easy options
I'm sure this is quite possible and Friedl's plugin probably lets you control it from there - however, I confess that I don't protect my photos from download. There's so much stuff out there that I figure it unlikely anyone will want to steal my images - and in any case I'm not doing photography for money.

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
[*]How to use it in forum postings (of course)
Go to the sharing button (a sort of curved arrrow) and then chose the "BBCode" option. Copy and paste it into the forum and job done. The only small point I'd make is that the default BBCode string includes two [URL] segments - one with the image and one with its title, but Flickr doesn't put a CRLF between them so you end up with the title dangling from the bottom right of the image. Just find the sequence [/url][url] in the BBCode string and put a line break between the ][ pair.

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
[*]Display options to make your pictures look good (my website has a very plain dark grey background can I do similar?)
Hmm, not sure. You'll have to play around. I don't think there is a lot of variation you can do.

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
[*]Integration with other platforms (I note the juicebox gallery I use on my website has options I have never looked at)
Dunno - you'll need to play

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
Annoyingly only the full desktop web-site supports BBCode sharing. Neither the mobile site nor the app support it. Very annoying.
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