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Exclamation "OLYMPUS Investor Day 2018" (2018/9/5)

One of the key points for us as users & buyers of cameras & lenses is the statement:
"Expand sales of highly-profitable OM-D series cameras and PRO series lenses" as seen in this PDF document found here.

Here's a bit more of a quote from that document.
Improve Profitability

* Expand sales of highly-profitable OM-D series cameras and PRO series lenses:
Mirrorless camera system that are uniquely Olympus, attaining high level of compatibility between
overwhelmingly compact & lightweight and high image quality with the Micro Four Thirds Standard

* Accelerate development of products aimed for professional and high-level amateur users

* Improve manufacturing cost ratio by consolidation of manufacturing facilities and improved
efficiency in manufacturing startups
Unfortunately there are a lot of "doomsday" cries from the dregs of the rumour sites with this document's details & the forecast sales etc., particularly because Olympus has not chosen to join the 'me too' FF brigade. Anyhow, take a look for yourself, although you may have already seen this discussed (ad nauseam) on the rumour sites.
There is one person (Humza Ahmad in replying to Karsten) that posted a sensible comment though, starting with "For Olympus, the photography business carries their brand. They may reduce the size and activity of the business in the future, but it won't go away. ..........."

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