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Re: Oly 300 f4 spoiler?

Originally Posted by Woofmix View Post
400mm @ f6.3 that's a pretty slow lens especially for a focal length that long. With 400mm you will be wanting to use a high shutter speed to avoid motion blur (the IS may counteract camera shake but there's no escaping using high shutter speeds to avoid motion blur). That will mean a high ISO in all but the best light, particularly if the lens needs to be stopped down to perform at it's best.
I'm still favouring the 300mm f4.

That's an issue with the reduced size and weight associated with M4/3. Even with cutting edge design you still get to the point that larger aperture telephoto lenses will eventually become too unwieldy for the camera, but in this case I don't think f6.3 unnessessarily slow with the latest low noise sensors. I regularly use a 600mm at f8 for birds going up to 16000 ISO without noise that can't be handled with most subjects.


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